BrokerPro is a special solution platform for agency, broker, insurance company or affinity program that enables a business to cary out any insurance transactions smoothly and efficiently.




Our team of experts have designed a web-based digital platform that connects banks to insurance companies. This allows bank users to get comparison quotes from multiple insurance companies, complete proposals, pay premiums and collect the policy within minutes.




AcerPro is an Insurtech innovation company that is continually developing and searching new ideas to assist in the digitalization of the Insurance & Bancassurance sector. We currently provide digital solutions in 4 countries.



BankasurancePro is a platform that provides online comparison insurance website services.

As a software company that leads the world in digital bancassurance, we offer a platform that completes all insurance operations required by a bank through a single platform that is fully integrated with the banking system.

At AcerPro, we have created a platform that will make it easier for banks to connect with insurance companies. "BancassurancePro" is a platform that provides online, web based and comparison insurance services.

With BancassurancePro, bank users can get comparison quotes from many insurance companies within seconds. Other advantages that minimize the operational burden are as follows

  • Manageability from a Centralized Platform
  • Speed ​​and Efficiency in Proposal and Policy Processes
  • Real-time Detailed Reporting
  • Communication with Insurance Companies via GatewayPro
  • Offers Comparative Premiums and Coverages in PDF
  • Integration with your Banking System
  • Integrates with Call Center
  • Provides Cross & Up Selling Opportunities
  • Provides Online/Offline (Hybrid) Proposal And Policy Process Management
  • Provides Linkage into External Platforms

Initially the full portfolio of existing policies are imported into BancassurancePro. All policies with 1 month remaining at the end of the policy can be listed and renewed either automatically or on approval by the customer.


AcerPro has established and continues to develop the BrokerPro Online Insurance Platform. By leveraging on our 12 years of knowledge and experience we have produced one of the most advanced online software solutions in the insurance sector.

BrokerPro is a special solution platform for agency, broker, bank or affinity program that enables a business to carry out any insurance transactions smoothly and efficiently. The most important feature of BrokerPro is that it is a web-based platform that enables insurance agents / brokers to prepare proposals and make policy sales online, track proposals and policies, and report on sales.

Thanks to BrokerPro, branch or agency users can make policy transactions online in real time. In addition, users can instantly see advanced reports on policy transactions, Branch / Agency reconciliations and sales reports within the limits of their authority.

  • Managed from the Central Platform
  • Shorten Offer and Policy Operations Process
  • Provides Real-time Detailed Reporting
  • Provides Communication with Insurance Companies via GatewayPro
  • Offers Comparative Premiums and Coverages in PDF
  • Fully Integrates with Call Center
  • Provides Cross & Up Selling Opportunities
  • Provides Online/Offline (Hybrid) Proposal And Policy Process Management
  • Provides Linkage into External Platforms
  • Policy Renewal: Manual or Automatic
  • Portfolio and Policy Migration
  • Offers Web-based Online Platform



The Insurtech revolution is changing the way that insurance companies sell insurance, we are focusing on transferring traditional sales methods onto new online distribution platforms

At AcerPro, we have created BrokerPro and BancassurancePro that will make it easier for insurance companies to connect digitally with agents, brokers, banks and directly with their customers.

We supply all the software needs, both Web & Mobile services, with our experienced staff, for Insurance Companies’ whether B2B or B2C.

  • Direct Insurance Sales via Internet Web and Mobile Applications (B2C)
  • Digital Bancassurance Platform (BancassurancePro)
  • Agency and Broker Platform (B2B)
  • Digital Insurance Platform (BrokerPro)
  • AcerCrea Digital Agency Services


We develop tailored software solutions for your company and sector. Your business purposes may be confidential and you may want to add value to your business and brand in this ever-changing and developing world. You may have many needs, such as integrating your application onto other systems, adaptation to changing workflows, or you can have many specific needs, such as in-depth reporting requirements.

In such cases, prepackaged programs are inadequate for your desires and needs.Our special software development services can ensure that your software works safely, quickly, with the highest quality and performance, with your personilized interface.

We have provided software solutions in many different sectors, not only Insurance and Banking. First we analyze your current processes and needs, then we offer clear solutions to fully meet your objectives.


  • Analysis And Project Design
  • Developing and Coding
  • Testing
  • Adaptation
  • Operation (maintenance / support)


We provide extensive, quick, online and middleware software solutions with our cutting edge technology products.


Fatih Acer

About Us

AcerPro stepped into the information technology sector in 2005. We have made many technological innovations and projects in the field of digital insurance software thanks to our expert and experienced staff. Our Digital Insurance services provide technology consultancy and solutions to both local and global organizations to increase sales efficiency and performance.


In the Digital Insurance sector we have already had great success both locally and globally, we continue to develop solutions in the areas of online banking and digital insurance by offering the latest software and products together.

We develop 24/7 solutions for banks, insurance companies, brokers, insurance agencies, digital insurance services and custom software projects.

In addition, we provide digital solutions for web, mobile and middleware software projects to sectors outside of insurance.

Management Message

Our dear valued customers, business associates, employees, As one of the world's leading technology company's in our field, we will continue to expand our services both nationally and internationally, with great determination, innovation and hard work.

Sincerely yours,

Fatih Acer
AcerPro Chairman Of The Executive Board

Mission & Vision

Our Mission
To provide digital transformation to local and international companies, especially the insurance sector, by providing the most innovative and sustainable services with expert teams in the field.

Our Vision
We aim to become the world‘s leading software company in the fields of Insurtech, Bancassurance and digital insurance.


The satisfaction of our business partners is our best reference. We hope to see you among our future references by serving you too.